About the Books for Dinner Project

1. You can read because it’s hard.  You can let your brain get all stretchy and crinkly.  You can feel it like a brand-new superpower when you realize that all of a sudden, you understand what this book has been trying to tell you with its page-long sentences and made-up words for thunderstorms.  Oh, God, you LOVE this stuff!  Like climbing a goddamn mountain.  THIS is why you read and write!

2. You can read because it’s easy.  You can forget everything else that’s happening, whether you’re in a bus or a noisy playground or the bed where you really were supposed to get some sleep tonight.  Oh, God, THIS is what you love!  Like going down a river in a fabulous bouncy inner tube.  THIS is why you write and read!

These are both very good reasons to read (and write), but the Books for Dinner Project is dedicated to the second one.  It is for the books that are just so darn fun, you want to read them while you eat dinner even more than you want to watch The West Wing or look at Amanda Palmer’s blog.  We at the Books for Dinner Project are pretty sure there is such a thing as fiction that is not good, but we are less convinced that there is such a thing as fiction that is not literary.  We have similar suspicions about dragons.

About NaCaPiMo

Participating in NaCaPiMo (National Cat Picture Month) requires merely that you post a picture of a cat on the Internet every day throughout the month of November.  These pictures go out in support of the bold souls participating in NaNoWriMo, who are working very hard to write their novels in one month and might need some fuzzy, encouraging faces to see them through.

About the Author

Photo 258

ieatbooksfordinner is Alyssa, a scribbler and J.M. Barrie scholar who lives with three cats in a pretty standard witch’s cottage in the Image World.  Sometimes she also eats eggs and bread and chocolate for dinner, because woman does not dine on books alone.


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