NaCaPiMo 2013, Episode 8

Poor Kaylee got a big hunk of masking tape all stuck on her foot tonight.  Then the noise of it scared her so she ran away.  But then she couldn’t really run away because it was stuck to her foot.  Then Abby hissed at either Kaylee or the masking tape, I’m not sure which, but Kaylee totally thought it was at her, so she got even more panicky.  I didn’t know what to do because what if taking the tape off felt as bad to Kaylee as ripping off a Band Aid feels to me?  I did not want to be the person who inflicted such pain on a little scared furrybutt, but I knew it would be pretty awful to leave Little Miss Furrybutt all stuck to the tape that was scaring her so much, too.


Fortunately, the tape came off really easily and Kaylee licked her foot for a long time after to heal it from The Indignity Of It All.


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