NaCaPiMo 2013, Episode 7




Abby is making those eyes at me because she knows she is in the comfy spot where I was sitting two seconds ago.  “What?” she is saying.  “You wanted to make tea.  You basically gave me the spot.”



Want to hear this great joke?

So one time, it’s winter, and so Hades has to say goodbye to Persephone for a few months.  And all the souls in the underworld decide to throw Hades a massive underworld party the night Persephone leaves, to cheer him up.  And as it turns out, these dead souls sure know how to throw a party, and a crazy good time is had by all.  So around midnight, in between flagons of Lethe-mead, one of the souls turns to Hades and asks, “So, Hades, are you feeling any better?”  And Hades goes, “Yeah, man!  I mean, with friends like this, WHO NEEDS PERSEPHONE?”


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