A quick word on spider-nips

Imagine that you are in the shower in the morning, and that place where the back of your neck turns into your hair is really hurting, right in the middle.  At first you’re like, “I should have untied my ponytail before I went to bed.”  Then you’re feeling around as you wash your hair and well you’ll be darned, that achy place is not just soreness from your ponytail: it is a HUGE spider-nip, hard and round and perfectly symmetrical with respect to the rest of your head and neck and spine.

If your next thought is, “Well, if I’m about to get superpowers…” you are off to a good start.

But if the next part of the thought is, “…then I hope to God one of them is never needing to sleep so I can just be sure of getting all my fucking work done,” then you probably need to read more books for dinner, and they probably need more dragons.


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